Agape In-Out Cemento Bath

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In-Out Cemento in Green Cementoskin®

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The Cementoskin® In-Out bathtub is the latest addition to the In-Out bathtub family. 

Made of an enriched coloured concrete material, it maintains the circular shape and reduced size of the other tubs of the family. Thanks to the use of concrete, this version is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Cementoskin® is a new material conceived to be used both outdoors and indoors. It is a compound of concrete and resin, enriched by carefully chosen aggregates which grant its high technical and structural performance, even when used with minimal thicknesses. The material is cast molded allowing great variety of geometries, a high level of detail and high resistance to wear. Cementoskin®, thanks to its composition, is particularly resistant to dirt and maintains its aesthetic qualities unaltered in time.

Recasting their modern classics with a skilful mix of grace and conviction, Agape takes their designs outdoors, immersing daily bathing and washing rituals amongst nature.

The range includes outdoor-friendly versions of some of the brand’s most iconic pieces designed in-house and by a coterie of renowned, award-wining International designers. Revisited to sync with their exterior surrounds via the durability of their material qualities, use or innovation, the new collection also features innovative new line releases. Above all, their finishes and hues are highly considered to harmonise with the tones and textures of their surroundings and, ever versatile, are equally suited to indoor use.

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Product Code Height Diameter
In-Out Bathtub AVAS1041E 580mm 1300mm


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Brick Red Cementoskin®

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Brick Red Cementoskin®


Coffee Cementoskin®

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Coffee Cementoskin®

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Dark Grey Cementoskin®

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Dark Grey Cementoskin®


Green Cementoskin®

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Green Cementoskin®

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Light Grey Cementoskin®

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Light Grey Cementoskin®